South Fork Vineyard

Moving to the country in 1987 and cleaning up a small farmstead with the help of their four children, Rod and Jackie Hopken raised their kids with good work ethics through this clean up process. Once the kids were in College, on their own or married we found ourselves planting fruits and raising honeybees.

We are now mainly focused on our honeybees and the wonderful honey they make. We help them buy making a variety of creamed and infused honeys buy adding all natural and organic fruits and spices to this wonderful honey. We can make up gift baskets with these varieties of flavored honeys as well as comb honey and some local jellies. You can pick them up at our honey farm or we can ship them out for you. Special orders are excepted and filled with sweetness made from our Nebraska State Insect just for you!


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845 Road East D South
Ogallala, NE, 69153


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